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ข้าวโพดข้าวเหนียวสีม่วง ต้า่นมะเร็ง

      Purple corn The new corn varieties that are grown and sold in the market for a little while now. It can be eaten boiled corn. It can also be attributed to other types of food can take many forms, such as water, purple corn, purple corn, cereals, cookies. Purple corn salad Purple corn varieties that were developed from purple corn and seed corn. It produces purple corn cob big soft tongue taste the sweet and sticky. Like many people, but many people may wonder if it is different from purple corn, waxy corn roast more profit.

Purple substance 
          For Purple corn in it. A substance Anthony Saiyan. Which has the ability to neutralize free radicals level. Reduces the likelihood of cancer tumor types. Enhance the body immunity against the disease, wound healing, increases the function of red blood cells. Slow the clogging of arteries. Reduce risk of heart disease Deterioration of the eyes Helps control blood sugar levels and slow down aging.

      Purple corn is a hybrid open storage seed to plant on it. Processing can be utilized in almost all parts. But in the past, but we eat the seed corn. After that, do not take anything. Whether it is a cob or silk. Both can be utilized. Grain corn is harvested, if the freshly sliced ​​and steamed until done. Then mix with coconut and sesame. Which can be stored in the freezer as well. The chopped straw with silk that bring to a boil, then remove. It has a purple Then add the juice into something else. In order to have the desired flavor.



       If the corn is not grown or dry animal feed. Can be processed into French fries, corn, corn nut is a seed mix seasoning it. The bulk of the corn Unlike maize to freeze frame, then oil. For corn, purple will Tech Ventures. Thailand has the familiar taste.

      "It can be seen that We can use all The community can be processed in the community. Sold to school children We have to encourage farmers in the village of Karasin made. Now the community in the village began to develop itself. Making Local The locals were very In the case of purple corn juice Locals took to dyeing rice. A purple sticky rice I want to make ice cream, ice cream, it becomes purple. This is a natural food coloring. "

How purple corn plant is a good income

      If you are looking for farmers to grow corn. But also know how to grow corn of any kind. Encourage the planting of purple corn. Another way to generate income for farmers. It can be grown throughout the year and the plant is consumer demand. Because it is less tasty and less sweet teeth. To see how the purple corn yield good productivity.

The first step to prepare the ground Farmers plow the soil dry for about 7-10 days to plow in regular furrows for the second time, then the sub-soil. The earth shattering To make corn grow maize purple divided into two ways.

1. A single plant The spacing between rows 75 cm distance between the 20 -25 cm, then the planting of one tree holes.

2. Grow a pair to lift the high groove. The distance between the grooves 120 cm planting a second row next to the trench interval between 30 cm and 25-30 cm distance between the holes for the planting of one tree.

      Corn is the second this number, about 7000-8500 per ha and the seed of 2-3 kg per hectare. When grown for 7 days in the corn are grown. Farmers should be careful about the water. Because of the lack of water during the growing corn is not perfect and will make a sprouting seed is not good enough. Seed pods are full to the end. The first phase should water every day. After sprouting corn stalks grew stronger, so that the water every 3-5 days depending on the weather and climate. And to withdraw The first corn plants per hill.


Care procedures and the timing of the harvest

• 40-45 days old when the corn had incomplete or leaves farmers should put urea 46-0-0 in the 25 kg per hectare. To sprinkle the trunk must be observed by ground water or be required to provide water after fertilizing.

• purple corn is harvested when between 60-70 days after silking corn 50 percent, but if planted during the winter. The harvest of corn may extend out into the harvest.

      The purple corn plants are high in energy. In corn, 100 g carbohydrates, 8.2 g protein, 11.1 grams contains 1.7 grams of fat, 4.9 grams of salt and 2.1 grams of a crude fiber lines, and there are many additional benefits, such as vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin A, beta-carotene. Vitamin E, an antioxidant. Slow down the degeneration of cells Including lutein, a substance and the Sea thin roti at Patapsco. Help prevent degenerative eye condition

      The medicinal properties of the ancients discovered and widely used is the seed of corn to eat to nourish the heart, lung diuretic used to mask crushing wounds. In addition to the corn cob, boiled water to drink, dysentery, diarrhea, urinary tree roots and corn silk tasteless boiled sweet water. Diuretic as well For good health No need to pay more. Or rely on expensive supplements. We just choose to study nutritional benefits of the food itself. Just as we know that diet is beneficial not far off. The market is just near our own home.

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